Make a Pot of Cold Coffee Great Again

Let's be honest: you don't know how good you have it until you don't. I'm talking about enjoying a cup of coffee while it's hot, something that rarely happens now that I have a kid. 

Recently, I had to give up my single serve pod coffee maker because it was trying to kill me. No matter how many times I tried to clean it, the mold stayed put. Don't get me wrong, I loved that coffee maker because it required little to no maintenance and made just the right amount of coffee but it's not environmentally friendly and came with limited options when it came to coffee.

I'm currently on the market for a new coffee maker, preferably one that can make espresso and fancy espresso based drinks. The Ninja Coffee Bar has come highly recommended and it has secured a spot on my Christmas wish list.

But for now, I have invested in a Mr. Coffee coffee maker that is two steps up from their most basic model. It gets the job done and allows me to explore different types of coffee that were not an option with single use pods. Finally, I can brew Pure Intentions Coffee at home! 

The downside to my new way of coffee life is a ton of leftover cold coffee. 


What to do?!

Necessity of drinking the whole pot of coffee is the mother of invention. Or at least I think that's how the quote goes.

Enter the Vietnamese coffee inspired coffee drink! 

Here's what you need: cold coffee, sweetened condensed milk, ice, and a blender.

Here's what you do:

Pour coffee into the blender. Add a tablespoon of sweetened condensed milk for every cup of coffee (more or less depending on preferred level of sweetness). Blend until frothy. Pour over ice. Optional: add a pinch of cinnamon for extra flavor. Enjoy.




How do you repurpose left over coffee?