Better is Better Than Nothing

A little over two years ago I found myself in a style rut. I went from corporate to start-up to solopreneurship. From pencil skirts to denim to whatever I wore to bed the night before. I was ready to throw everything out and start all over. Then I found out I was pregnant.

I went from being the heaviest I've ever been to loosing fifteen pounds my first trimester and gaining it all back and then some during my very short third trimester. Since then I've gained more weight, lost some, gained some, and finally plateaued at my pre-pregnancy weight but with a post-pregnancy body. 

I bought a ton of cheap (temporary) clothes, thinking my post pregnancy body was just as temporary. It turned out to be just the opposite. I spent the first five months of my child's life working forty hours a week, sometimes more, while staying at home and caring for her. I didn't have time to take care of myself. Then the holidays came followed by the horrendous back pain that started at my neck, peeked at my pelvis, and carried all the way down to my left ankle. 

Working out hurt so much that I quickly gave up. By Spring we were prepping our old house for sale and packing up for the big move. 

I stopped taking care of myself completely.


Recently, I found myself meditating over my word for the year. Have I really been making the best choices and living my best year yet? 

The answer is neither yes or no, it's found somewhere in between. With only two months left in the year, I've laid out the following goals, most pertaining to taking better care of myself. It may not be the best but it's definitely better than what I've been doing... nothing. 

Improve strength and stamina. Get to the gym at least once a week: yoga, Zumba, or swimming. Go for morning walks in the neighborhood at least twice a week and an afternoon walk with the family at least once a week. 

Keeping up with a toddler is no joke, especially when your core is not existent and you tire easily. I have no excuses not to go to the gym now that her nap time finally aligns with the daycare option at the gym.

Sleep more and wake up earlier. This is the most difficult of all the goals. I'm a night owl and not at all a morning person. I want to change that. I need to change that. Getting work done before the little monster is awake is necessary to staying on top of my game. And sane. Sanity is important. 

Create and follow a skin routine. I've done a crap job in this department. My skin routine hasn't changed since I was 18, back when my skin was flawless. I'm 32 and sleep with my makeup on. Times have changed. My skin has changed. I know very little on this topic and don't know where to start. Help!?  

Rebuild my wardrobe. I have closets full of clothes and nothing to wear. I've been purging old clothes: things that no longer fit, things I know I won't ever wear again, and things I was holding on to "in case I get my old body back." I don't know what my new style is but I do know that I need to start with the basics and focus on fit and fabrics. My current color palette is black, gray, and white/cream.

Eat better. We don't eat unhealthy but we also don't eat healthy enough. Often times I do not have time to eat so lunch is served through a drive-thru window or at the grocery store prepared foods counter. We do much better during dinner. The goal is to find easy, quick, and healthy lunch recipes that I can rotate weekly. Cutting down on sugar and alcohol is also on the table. Thankfully, I've cut down on the latter quite a bit, it's the former that's going to be difficult.

It's really difficult for me to put myself first these days. I guess that's part of being a parent. And a business owner. I believe that I can be a better mother, wife, daughter, friend, and solopreneur if I hit 80% of the goals above. 


Initially, I started writing this post as a woman who had lost her sense of style and in the process realized that I need to do a better job of taking care of myself. Funny how that works.