Eighteen Month Well Visit

They say time flies when you're having fun. It also flies when your two-naps-a-day kid becomes a one-nap-a-day kid and you're ready to take one after lunch yourself. Going non-stop from seven in the morning till one in the afternoon is exhausting as is, it's even more exhausting when that time is spent entertaining and chasing a toddler, working, and keeping the house from burning down. 

The transition from two naps to one happened over a two day period around sixteen months. On Monday she refused her afternoon nap, on Tuesday she refused her morning nap, and by Wednesday we were down to one. 

There was a lot of Googling and Pinning happening the first week to find ideas for sensory play, dexterity exercises, and local options for toddler entertainment. I will be sharing our favorites in the near future!


The eighteen month check up was even more difficult than the fifteen. The doctor was running behind so the kid and I spent forty-five minutes watching Peppa Pig on the computer in the exam room, anticipating the pocking and the prodding... and the kicking and the screaming. 

Thankfully, she is all caught up on her vaccines until her two year well visit and the only one she received was the flu shot. She is still at a moderate risk for RSV but because she is not high risk, the insurance company refuses to cover the vaccine. 

The kid is on track developmentally in some ways and a little behind in others. We need to work on getting her off the nipple bottle for milk intake and prepare ourselves for potty training in the upcoming months. We also hope that she'll start talking more in the near future and increase her vocabulary. She understands everything we tell her but refuses to speak. Pointing and screaming is still her go-to for communicating her needs. 

The stats:

  • Weight: 22.7 lbs (20th percentile) - double digits, y'all!!
  • Height: 32 in (50th percentile) 
  • Head: 47 cm (55th percentile)

The kid: