Father's Day Weekend

We kicked off the weekend with a dip in and a dinner by our neighborhood pool. We look for any excuse to relax and eat well after a long work week and this past Friday evening was no different. 

I made a point to finish working early so I could focus on a delicious dinner to take down to the pool. On the menu? Chipotle Barbacoa tacos. They're easy to transport and easy to assemble. I've made this recipe in the slow cooker half a dozen times and it has yet to disappoint. It's about thirty minutes of prep up front but so worth it. I also made fresh pico de gallo, diced an avocado, and grabbed whole wheat tortillas and tortilla chips out of the pantry to complete the meal. 


The pool water was warm like bath water so I joined in on the fun and captured a few moments with the GoPro.


The best part? There was little to no clean up and we were relaxing on the couch by 8pm, a rare feat.


Saturday morning I joined my friend Erin for an adventure in NoDa. I had a lovely time but had to hurry home to get ready for an evening at the ballpark to see the Charlotte Knights take on the Indianapolis Indians.

A Knight's Ale | BB&T Ballpark

A Knight's Ale | BB&T Ballpark


Sadly, the Knights lost.

We ended our evening at Legion Brewing in Plaza Midwood with a riveting game of Rummikub. I won. :)


Sunday morning I woke up before the crack of dawn to get everything ready for Father's Day before Brandon woke up. After breakfast he left to go visit his father while Charlotte and I ran errands all day. 

For dinner, I treated my baby's daddy to hot wings and fried pickles at our favorite local tavern. We decided to take a walk at the park after dinner, but not before buying ice cream cones for a sweet ending to a sweet weekend.

Watching trains go by.

Watching trains go by.

Any holiday that gives us an opportunity to relax, eat, and celebrate is a winner in our book. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!