Slingshot Coffee Co. Summer Giveaway


I have a short list of cold brews that I enjoy because I'm just not a fan of cold coffee, period. Not Just Coffee gets my top billing for local cold brew on tap and Slingshot Coffee Co. gets top billing for bottled. 

Recently, I entered and won one of Slingshot's weekly summer giveaway and wanted to share what was in the prize pack since it included some local gems.


Slingshot Summer Gear (tee & snapback trucker cap) | Slingshot Cold Brew variety pack | Murphy's Naturals (mosquito repellent sticks, mosquito repellent candle, and insect repellent spray) | Big Spoon Bars (apricot pepita and cherry pecan) | Bobble water bottle | Feel Goodz flip flops | A handful of stickers and pins.


The package arrived at the best time possible: on day one of us potty training our toddler. We're going to need all the coffee in the world to survive this weekend. And beer. Somebody please send us beer.