Skincare in your 30's

It's been a little over a month since I've vowed to take better of myself. The first week was great but then daylight savings happened, it got cold, and I fell into a dark hole of despair. Okay, okay, that's a bit dramatic... but the Seasonal Affective Disorder struggle is real.


Two years ago I attended a blogger event at Carolina Facial Plastics where I learned a lot about skin care from Dr. Kulbersh and his team. I left the event dizzy and with pages of notes. Later, I learned that my dizziness was caused by pregnancy, I just didn't know it...yet.

One of the biggest takeaways from the event was that it's all about prevention. Take care of your skin now and you're less likely to need injectables and surgical intervention later. You can read more about the event on Jen's and Brittany's blogs. 

Between crossing over the 30 year mark and having a kid, my skin routine of almost ten years is no longer cutting it. It's been on my mind for a while, however, the sheer amount of products in the market is overwhelming. My goals for skincare include slowing the aging process and getting rid of discoloration with an end goal of being comfortable in my (naked, make up free) skin.

My journey began earlier this fall when Beautycounter partnered with Target to bring their products to the masses for a limited time. Most of the good stuff was sold out by the time I learned about the skin care line, however, I managed to snag two sets. The first set included a cleanser and daily moisturizer and the other included an eye cream and a night cream. This was as much a test for me to see if I can stick to a (new) routine as it was for the product itself.

Beautycounter for Target

Beautycounter for Target

The results were okay, but I may be at fault here. My skin looked and felt better, however, I think it would have been even better if I used the products regularly. I also noticed that I did better in the morning than at night. I'm open to trying other Beautycounter products because I love that their goal is to achieve great results with all natural ingredients.

This month I'm trying dermalogica. I purchased a trial kit after my massage appointment and I'm excited to see the results!

dermalogica skincare set for normal to dry skin.

dermalogica skincare set for normal to dry skin.


What skincare products/lines do you use and love?


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