The Daily Birch: Committed to Making it Better*

This post is fueled by a cranky baby, a failed dinner, a pint of Talenti Roman Raspberry Sorbetto, and a 16oz can of Sycamore Brewing's Countryside IPA.

It's day three and I've already failed by not writing on day two. I was in so much pain and was so exhausted that I knew I would not be able to bring my C game, even if I tried. I also started to second guess the format for the Daily Birch but stopped myself short of trashing the idea completely. Just do it and commit to evolving and making it better, I told myself. My best today may not be the best tomorrow and that's okay. 

The first half of yesterday was spent knocking out as much work as possible while keeping a small child alive. I finally allowed myself to stop for a moment to eat breakfast at 11 am (plain spaghetti noodles topped with Parmesan cheese) when a friend texted me to see if we wanted to meet up for a mall date. Yes, please!

It was a lovely time and I managed to buy something for myself (a rare occurrence), the baby, the husband, and gifts for my soon to be born niece. We came home just in time for baby's next bottle, a little bit of play time, dinner, and a ton of chores. 

Ate: Sunrise Burrito with salsa, sausage patties, hashbrowns, and a sweet tea for lunch from the Famous Toastery. Vanilla Soy Latte from Starbucks. Dinner delivered from Passage to India: Vegetable Samosa, Gobi Manchurian, and Chicken Biryani. Large glass of rose.

Bought: cardigans (Janie & Jack), pajamas (Carters), leggings and a tunic (Oshkosh) for the baby. Two athletic bras (TJ Maxx) and pajamas (Gap) for me. Socks for the husband. Tons of gifts for my soon to be born niece.

Purged: a small pile of clothes that no longer fit me and/or no longer my style. My goal this month is to purge 10 things per day, for a total of 300 items. I donated 140 items at the beginning of the month and hope to do the same at the end of the month. 

For an unedited glimpse into my day, check out my Snap story over on YouTube. :) 


*But may be not today.


brunch and a curious hand

brunch and a curious hand