The Daily Birch: Ten Minute Meal

Getting a Vitamix was a great decision. It practically cleans itself and I managed to make a delicious soup in less than 10 minutes, clean up included. Pretty excited about trying out new recipes and breaking out of a cooking rut.

We are now in the final stretch of swimming classes. The baby is definitely more comfortable with the water and has picked up a few extra skills. Unfortunately, she's not yet swimming on her own and we'll have to sign her up for more classes once she's a little bit older. 



Eating toast with vanilla almond butter and a sliced banana, tortilla chicken soup, and pasta with spicy chicken sausage in tomato sauce.

Searching for Vitamix recipes for us and the baby. Stay tuned for updates on our adventures in the kitchen.

Watching behind the scenes of Meet the Goldbergs. The show is witty, set in the 80's, and I'm kind of obsessed with all things behind-the-scenes. 

Craving sushi. It's been way too long. Who wants to grab dinner at Pisces

Analyzing survey data and adjusting plans. 

Editing videos from baby's swim class. What else?

Shopping at Target and Harris Teeter, where else?

Snapping the baby refusing to drink a birthday cake frap from Starbucks. Girlfriend is missing out.

Taking tons of photos with my DSRL. 


Theo working on his tan.

Theo working on his tan.

Baby or puppy?

Baby or puppy?