The Daily Birch: a New Kitchen Tool


Yesterday I tried to avoid a trip across town to Costco by going to Sam's Club near the house. We're out of formula for the baby and I'm pretty sure the pricing is similar at both stores. Great idea except I lost my Sam's Club card and was not able to find it last night. So this afternoon we trekked to South Charlotte. We went in for formula and walked out with a Vitamix. Oops.

In our defense, we have been in the market for one for over a year but have not been able to find a great deal. Until today.

It's exciting to have a new kitchen tool to not only break me out of a cooking rut but to also start making food for Charlotte. I've definitely been slacking on making baby food and now I have no excuses.

Researching baby food recipes, including ones specific to the Vitamix. 

Eating Bagel Bites, Whole Foods hot bar, spicy chicken with rhubarb and cucumber salsa. 

Drinking a vanilla sugar latte from Not Just Coffee, a giant water from Whole Foods, and rose. 

Dreaming about going to bed early. 

Checking out a house in Harrisburg and crunching numbers before making an offer. It a great house in a great neighborhood that meets most of our needs and majority of our wants. The catch? It's a distress sale (similar to a short sale) and has not been occupied for four years, aesthetically it is stuck in 1994, and we fear there may be a possibility of mold. 

Killing mosquitoes with my bare hands. 

Taking allergy meds. Is allergy season over yet?

Blogging twice in one day.

Snapping the baby refusing to eat and using her car seat as a jungle gym.


Glazed chicken breast topped with rhubarb salsa, served with rice.

Glazed chicken breast topped with rhubarb salsa, served with rice.