The Daily Birch: The Longest Week Ever

It's only Monday and it's officially the longest week ever. It's the kind of week that will require a village to make it through. 

My husband is away on business all week, tomorrow is our child's first birthday, we have two swim classes this week, I am attending a two day conference mid-week, we are throwing a birthday party for the aforementioned child on Saturday, and Sunday is Mother's Day. There's also that part where I have to keep the household afloat, a child and dog alive and fed, feeding myself, and finding time to work. Oh, and we put an offer on a house that requires that we do all of our due diligence in a ten day period.

What I'm saying is I won't be blogging much this week. 

I want to write about our awesome weekend and about Charlotte's birth and about all the food I ate this weekend and about the house we put an offer on and this cool tank top I bought to support a local business and about content planning and recipes of things I've cooked recently and about the anxiety I'm feeling this week. 

Writing is quickly becoming my favorite way to relieve stress in a way it did a decade ago.

But enough of my free flowing rant. On with today!

Eating horribly and barely at all. Will have to try again tomorrow.

Watching the Met Gala red carpet. It was a bit boring, in my opinion.

Buying Theo a new KONG collar at PetSmart because he rolled around in poop this weekend. We bought a shock collar for him in hopes of breaking him of a few bad habits and he's not a fan. We're using the vibrate option because, let's be honest, getting shocked is the worst. He took it upon himself to roll his neck in a fresh steaming pile because he knew we would be forced to take the shock collar off. He was right, we did take it off and immediately gave him a bath. He hates getting a bath. It was the quickest I've seen the smugness leave his face. 

Introducing Charlotte to cats at the adoption center at PetSmart. One of the cats was really interested in her. May be we should adopt it? We also spent some time looking at fish. Why go to the aquarium when you can see fish for free at the store? I kid. Sort of.

Strolling through Target, as always, waiting on the storm to pass. It was crazy out there. 

Regretting all the crap I ate today.

Contemplating making a smoothie at 11:30 at night to make the yucky feeling go away.

Planning for the week ahead. 

Happy Monday!