Goodbye 31, Hello 32

Time goes faster and faster the older you get, at least that's what I always believed to be true. Birthdays go from month long celebrations to week long celebrations to weekend long celebrations to just the day. And the pressure to do anything "big" on the "big" day disappears with age. 

There's nothing special about thirty-two. You're past celebrating surviving your twenties and far enough into thirties to see that it's not as bad as everyone said it would be. 

I had a lovely 30 hour celebration filled with close friends and family. We kicked it off with dinner at Eez Fusion & Sushi with family followed by tea and homemade tiramisu at home. Then, on my actual birthday, I met with Brandon for lunch at Viva Chicken for one of my favorite "fast" food lunches in town. Dinner was at Seoul Food Meat Co. in SouthEnd and celebration drinks at Craft Growler Shop that ended with a Nutella Quesadilla birthday dessert. But wait, the eating and drinking did not stop there! My birthday nightcap included a shot of tequila (of the nice sipping verity) and BBQ chicken nachos at Mac's Speed Shop

The evening ended with a birthday song serenade by my Uber driver's daughter. 

All that eating lead to an agonizing sleepless night. My stomach hurt all night and I have no clue what part of last night brought it on. Possibly all of it.

This is 32. 


Me, at the end of my birthday celebration.

Me, at the end of my birthday celebration.