Twelve Month Well Visit

Our pediatrician must be either really popular or there's a shortage in our area because the earliest we could schedule a twelve month well visit for CL was at thirteen months. Not a huge deal since she's not yet twelve months adjusted. 

The past appointments have been fairly easy since she was not as mobile. This time was not fun at all. Sitting still on a scale was a no-go. Getting blood drawn was definitely a no-go. Getting ears and mouth checked? Nope. Vaccines? Forget about it! Wrestling an unwilling child was challenging, to say the least. Three adults versus one child and I still feel like we lost.

The good news? She's right on track with her development and is more inline with her actual age versus adjusted. Getting her to eat more solids is our big challenge right now and the doctor recommends that we keep her on the Toddler Transition formula until at least 15 months to ensure that she's getting all the necessary nutrition. This was our plan, too.

The stats: 

  • Weight*: 18lb 15.2oz (8th percentile)  * w/clothes+diaper
  • Height: 30.5 in (74th percentile)
  • Head: 45.5cm (50th percentile)

The kid: