Gratitude Journal: 10 Month Update



My word for 2017 is gratitude and, in addition to living by the word, I kept a journal in which I wrote down at least ten things I was grateful for each day.

I stopped writing down my daily gratitude list in late July after forgetting to bring my journal on a trip and breaking the habit. It's not that I'm no longer grateful or that I no longer practice gratitude, however, I needed an outlet that also allowed me to express the things that upset me.

Those moments of disappointment are areas of growth and I don't want to ignore them.

Another thing I want to include in my daily journaling are my anxiety triggers. Again, something I want to acknowledge (to disarm) and to grow from. 

So, starting tomorrow, I'm dusting off my gratitude journal and adding new sections to it for a better view into my own world and the world around me.


Do you journal? And if you do, what do you include in your daily debrief?