A Weekend in NYC: Day 2

Our second day in New York City began with a walk around the block to Levain Bakery. We've heard Katy talk about the cookies and the simply amazing jam and butter on baguette for months so we had to try it! 

The best things in life are simple, like this jam and butter on baguette sandwich. 

The best things in life are simple, like this jam and butter on baguette sandwich. 

Plain Brioche  #ilovebread

Plain Brioche #ilovebread

Our lovely host with a baggie full of goodies.

Our lovely host with a baggie full of goodies.

Our second order of business for the day? A trip to the Museum of Modern Art! It's one of my favorite museums to visit and I look forward to seeing my favorite pieces by Monet, Picasso, and Warhol, to name a few.

But a trip to the MoMA can't be complete without capturing street art on the way to the museum:

We found  HOPE  on the corner of 7th Ave. and 53rd St.

We found HOPE on the corner of 7th Ave. and 53rd St.


Walking around the museum made me a little hungry so I did something I've never done before: eat something off of a street cart. But it wasn't just any street cart, it was a Halal Guys cart and it was amazing.


The next order of business was to take a break, rest our feet, and drink a beer, or two, at As If NYC. The bar has a great selection of craft beer, including some from North Carolina breweries that were new to me. The decor is lovely and there are no TVs, encouraging customers to focus their attention on each other.

I tried the following beers: Tall Guy IPA by Breakside Brewery, Scythe Rye IPA by Burial Beer Co., Susan by Hill Farmstead Brewery, and Luponic Distortion by Firestone Walker Brewing Company. I chose the Scythe Rye IPA as the one to drink.


It's a good thing we took a mid-day break because the rest of our afternoon was packed!

Charlotte has a shortage of Korean food so one of my requests was a trip to Koreatown to get my fix.


Food Gallery 32, a food court with multiple vendors in very tight quarters, is a mecca of Korean food. I was so overwhelmed by the variety that I didn't have a chance to feel claustrophobic. 


I settled on Kobeque's Spicy Noodle Combo with spicy BBQ pork.


There were several dessert vendors and I wanted to try something from all of them but narrowed it down to Mama's and ordered a Delimanjoo fish filled with custard.

Nutella filled Delimanjoo. | Food Gallery 32

Nutella filled Delimanjoo. | Food Gallery 32

But if you think the day ended here you would be terribly wrong.

All that food made us a bit sleepy so we headed down to Bluestone Lane, an adorable Australian-style coffee shop that proved me wrong in the you-can't-make-latte-art-with-soy-milk department. 

Bluestone Coffee

Bluestone Coffee


Then we veered down the street and found ourselves face-to-face with the Friends' apartment building. Or at least the one used for the outside shots during the filming of the show.

Has anyone seen Ross?

Has anyone seen Ross?

We danced on the street while playing theme song and then took our coffee buzz to a Swedish candy shop, SOCKERBIT, where I spent way too much time and money picking out treats to take home.


The last two must-have stops on our list that day was Grand Central Station terminal, where we enjoyed cocktails at Cipriani Colci under the gold stars, and Shake Shack for dinner near the Hill's apartment. Not going to lie, I was not terribly impressed with Shake Shack... 


Once again we stayed up late playing Cards Against Humanity and drinking tons of Italian wine.


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