A Weekend in NYC

I don't like secrets but not because I have a hard time keeping them. I don't like secrets because I hate keeping things from people I love, whether it's good or bad.

This time it was good. So good I couldn't sleep the whole week leading up to the reveal.

My good friend Katy turned the big 3-0 this year so, with months of planning with her husband, Erin and I set out on a mission to surprise her in her new city that she now calls home.


We flew out of Charlotte on an early morning flight into LGA. Erin and I were deliriously exhausted and excited, twerking our way through security and giggling the whole time we were in line to get our Starbucks.

Our flight was full of Game Cocks heading to NYC to see their team in the playoffs. There were a few beautiful moments of old college friends serendipitously reuniting after years of not seeing each other and finding themselves seated in the same row, as well as strangers connecting with each other in hopes of scoring extra tickets to the game. There were also several of those jokes made, too. 

This was my first time traveling by air in three years. It's crazy to me how I went from traveling (and flying) all the time to a literal ground stop. It felt nice.

It was also my first time at Laguardia since my family and I came over to the US in 1993. It was a bit surreal and my eyes got misty, but that's a another story for another day.

We bought a few snacks for the road, grabbed our bags from baggage claim, and headed towards the buses. We were set on having a full public transportation experience, and with guidance from Adam (Katy's husband), we made our way to their apartment via bus, subway, and foot. (And only a few bruises from trying to get a suitcase through the super narrow turnstiles.)

Our girl was excited to see us, even thought she was ninety-some percent sure we were coming. Regardless, it was a very happy moment for all of us and it felt good to no longer have to keep our visit a secret.

We spent the weekend catching up, crying, playing Cards Against Humanity, celebrating, and literary eating THE WHOLE TIME!

I gained six pounds and regret nothing. 

(I lost all the weight within three days of being back home and getting back on the "toddler" diet.)

This was definitely one of my favorite trips and one I will never forget!


Since we had a packed weekend, I'm going to break up the New York posts by day and link them back here. Kapish?

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What's your favorite travel memory?