Buy a Bed, Give a Bed with Drömma

Did you know that over 17,000 kids in Charlotte go to sleep on the floor or in a bed that is not their own? Did you know that children with proper beds sleep almost ten hours more each month than children who sleep on the floor, on sofas, or crowded in bed with family members? Did you know that quality sleep contributes to improved development, academic performance, mental and emotional well being, and a number of other benefits?

Did you know that Drömma donates a bed for every mattress sold through the Give a Dream program?

The Give a Dream program fights child bedlessness, and in turn, helps change the kids' future one bed (and other essential pieces of furniture) at a time.

This program hits near and dear to my heart for two reasons: 1) I can't imagine my child sleeping on the floor, on a couch, or in a bed other than her own and 2) there was a time when I didn't have my own bed and had to share with a family member. 

Even if you do not purchase a Drömma mattress, please consider learning more about the Bed for Kids program and help furnish a future for a child.


About Drömma

Drömma is a start-up right here in Charlotte! They are part of the mattress industry revolution, selling their mattresses online by cutting out the middle man and passing on the savings to the end user. The mattresses are made in the USA with high-quality and eco-friendly American-made materials. How awesome is that?

The Experience

The bed arrived in a box small enough for standard shipping methods. Which boggled my mind because I'm so used to the old style of mattresses that take up a ton of space.  


I seriously could not believe that a king mattress could fit in a box that size! Neither could the kid:


The box was a bit heavy but not impossible to move. Here's a quick video of how I unboxed the mattress:

We're in the process of updating our master bedroom so the arrival of the mattress was perfectly timed! We purchased a new bed and all of the necessary accessories in the afternoon and spent our whole Saturday night putting the bed together. By the time we were done it was almost midnight and we were exhausted! (I'll fill you in on the details of our new furniture, before and afters, and decor in a later post!)

We chose a platform bed, however, the Drömma mattress can be used on top of a box spring or on the floor so buying a new bed is not necessary. 

Setting up the mattress was super easy. All you have to do is unfold the mattress, take off the plastic cover, and watch it magically expand right before your eyes. 

Here's a video of us unrolling the mattress:


The verdict:

Our old mattress was way past it's prime and we didn't realize just how bad it was until we slept on the Drömma mattress. It felt great! There are two levels of firmness: medium soft and medium firm. We chose the medium firm and it's perfect for our sleeping needs.

I'm looking forward to years of comfort and great sleep.

The details:

You can learn more about Drömma by checking out their website and following them via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


P.S. Take $75 off your purchase of a Drömma bed with the code BIRCH75. Remember, every mattress purchased is a bed donated to a kid without one.



I received a Drömma mattress in exchange for a review of the product and to help promote the Give a Dream program. All statements and opinions are my own.