The Daily Birch: an Ode to AAA Carolinas + an IKEA Hack

Things are bound to break when you own an older vehicle and my 2007 Sequoia is no exception to the rule. We purchased the car late last fall to accommodate our growing family and satisfies my urge to hoard the whole house with us everywhere we go. It also satisfies my desire to own a large truck, except this one has a hatchback. Have I mentioned that my other dream car is a Prius? 

We've had AAA Carolinas come out to our house twice within the past two weeks. The first visit was to replace a cracked windshield. Thankfully, our insurance covered it. The second time was this past Thursday when I ran around like a chicken with its head cut off to prep the baby and I to run errands only to find out that the car battery was dead. So much for a perfectly planned afternoon. Thankfully, roadside assistance was at our house within twenty minutes with a replacement battery on hand. My heroes!



We had one hour left before the afternoon nap so we rushed to IKEA to pick up a children's activity desk and chair to put in my office. We were in and out in less than ten minutes. Is there a prize for efficiency?

The trick is to go to IKEA during off hours in the middle of the week, in case you were wondering how we managed to get in and out so quickly! I have found that Tuesday through Thursday, between 1pm and 3pm, is the best time to go. To save more time, you can search the exact location of the items that you need on your phone or at the computers stationed towards the back of the warehouse area. Grab and go! Oh, and make sure to face the bar codes out for an even more efficient check out experience.


I completed the assembly of the desk and chair just in time for the kid to wake up from her nap. She LOVED the desk and sitting in her little chair while coloring with jumbo crayons. 

She also loved drawing on the table and chair. This is why we can't have nice things.

Toddler activity desk and chair.

Toddler activity desk and chair.


The evening ended with a much needed Book Club meeting: friends, cheese, and copious amounts of wine.


Watching the Teletubbies. The baby loves them. I love them because it gives me 20 peaceful minutes to drink my morning coffee.

Eating unhealthy: bagel with black cherry cream cheese, Mini Babybel cheese, cheese danish from Starbucks, Russian Siberian style ravioli, baby Brie cheese with bread and jam. 

Drinking: coffee, coffee, water, grande half calf vanilla soy latte from Starbucks, wine.

Working on a client's marketing campaign.


Happy September everyone!